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news ico24.04.2020

Vladimir Sergeev, Chairman of the Council of the Russian Association of Marine and River Bunker Suppliers, joined the Operational Headquarters of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation for supporting the Russian fleet during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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news ico03.05.2020

The Russian Government approved the working group on the implementation of the mechanism of the "regulatory guillotine" for transport security

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news ico14.11.2019

Neftegaz Morservice company joined the Russian Association of Marine and River Bunker Suppliers

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news ico03.10.2019

Fuel Technologies Company, Ltd joined the Association of Marine and River Bunker Suppliers at the council meeting on September 25.

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NEWS ARCHIVE - 20.12.2005

Russian bunker association gathers momentum

The Russian Association of Marine and River Bunker Suppliers informed Bunkerworld today that the board has received several new applications for membership as the recently formed association gathers momentum. 

At its latest meeting, held yesterday, members of the board discussed applications from seven companies, five bunkering companies and two barging companies, all working in St. Petersburg and neighbouring ports. 

The board was also informed of a further two applicants, considered to be large-scale companies headquartered in Arkhangelsk (White Sea) and Volgograd (Volga Basin). 

These applications are to be discussed further, with recommendations to be presented at the next general meeting in January. 

Vitaly Kovalev, president of the association commented: "We have to clarify how our candidates can guarantee international quality of their fuel, what they intend to do in order to improve their service, and whether or not they have claims from clients and inspectors etc." 

The association was formed to protect the joint commercial interests of the nation's bunker suppliers, promote the image of Russia's bunkering sector by ensuring quality fuels and service, ensure open and honest competition in the sector, and establish dialogue with legislators and regulators. 

Indeed, Natalya Bagaeva, Chair of the government committee on oil products transportation said that ongoing dialogue with the industry had helped legislators and regulators better understand the processes of bunkering, allowing for intelligent and informed formulation of new regulations which are to be approved by the state Duma next year. 

The association, which was formed in June this year, currently has 21 members, representing bunkering companies across Russia from Kaliningrad to the Far East.

Shelley Kerr | Fri Dec 16 13:05:52 GMT 2005 



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