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news ico24.04.2020

Vladimir Sergeev, Chairman of the Council of the Russian Association of Marine and River Bunker Suppliers, joined the Operational Headquarters of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation for supporting the Russian fleet during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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news ico03.05.2020

The Russian Government approved the working group on the implementation of the mechanism of the "regulatory guillotine" for transport security

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news ico14.11.2019

Neftegaz Morservice company joined the Russian Association of Marine and River Bunker Suppliers

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news ico03.10.2019

Fuel Technologies Company, Ltd joined the Association of Marine and River Bunker Suppliers at the council meeting on September 25.

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NEWS ARCHIVE - 23.11.2006

The results of work of the Board of Directors of Russian Association of Marine and River Bunker Suppliers

Yesterday Board of directors of Association of Marine and river bunker suppliers had a regular meeting.
The following decisions were adopted:
To establish Arbitration Court of the Association.
Rules of the Arbitration Court should be elaborated and accepted by the Board of Directors in February 2007.
To take part in the international exhibition “Neva-2007” in September 2007. In this connection were elaborated and accepted the topics in the field of bunker and associated businesses.
The barging company “MBK” CJSC became a member of the Association. Therefore the Association comprised 26 member-companies.
The report on realization of action plan for the further development of the Association adopted during the previous meeting of the Board of Directors was acknowledged.
The plan of preparation and delivery of training programs was approved.
The amendments to the third edition of the project “About safety of marine transport and its infrastructure” were considered.



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