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news ico28.10.2021

The Far Eastern company "Binom-T" has become a new member of the SRO "Russian Association of Marine and River Bunker Suppliers"

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news ico19.05.2021

Baltic Fuel Company became a sponsor of the bunkering forum in Saint-Petersburg

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news ico13.05.2021

Gennady Yegorov, General Director of Marine Engineering Bureau LLC, will speak at the bunker forum in St. Petersburg with a report "On the fleet of mixed navigation vessels-today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow»

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news ico04.02.2021

XIV All-Russian Forum «Current state and Prospects of Development of the Russian bunkering Services Market»

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NEWS ARCHIVE - 26.12.2005

The New Year Ball of the Oil Club of Saint-Petersburg

The owners, shareholders and top-managers of the exporting companies, oil terminals, petroleum stations, oil refineries, bunker, wholesale, transport and engineer companies were among the guests.

Sergey Borisov – the president of the Russian Oil Union, the member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, the representatives of the municipal administration, Vitaly Kovalev - the president of the Association of Marine and River Bunkers, were among the VIP.

Alexander Polyakov, the famous showman of Saint-Petersburg, was the presenter of the party.

The party was held in the restaurant “Grenaderskiy”. This is new restaurant, located in the business center in B.Samsonivskiy avenue. There are 5 halls with different cuisines – from Ukrainian to Japanese. Every visitor can order various dishes, and the lovers (gourmand) of exotic combinations can taste the red-beet soup (national dish of Ukraine) with sushi.

The most remarkable hall is the special cigary room with fountain and unique lamps, made of natural stone. It’s a good place to enjoy silence and nice conversation.

Journalists, which were present at the party, couldn’t miss such event, held on the eve week of the Happy New Year, when dozens of parties are held every day.



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