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news ico24.07.2023

"Gazpromneft Marine Bunker" has carried out the first ship refueling with biofuel in Russia.

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news ico17.07.2023

The main event in the Russian bunker industry in June 2023 was the XVI Bunker Forum held in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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news ico22.05.2023

XVI All-Russian Forum «Current state and Prospects of Development of the Russian bunkering Services Market»

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news ico28.10.2021

The Far Eastern company "Binom-T" has become a new member of the SRO "Russian Association of Marine and River Bunker Suppliers"

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news ico19.05.2021

Baltic Fuel Company became a sponsor of the bunkering forum in Saint-Petersburg

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NEWS ARCHIVE - 26.02.2006

Russian Association of Marine and River Bunkers became a corporative member of IBIA

This event was not a surprise for the bunker society, as the decision on necessity of improvement international cooperation was accepted at the general meeting in Saint-Petersburg in January 2006.

The negotiations with Ian Adams, the Secretary General of IBIA, concerning the main spheres of cooperation was held by Vladimir Grizlov, the member of the Board of Directors of Marine and River Bunker Suppliers Association during the IP Week in London. As planned, the parties made an agreement on cooperation in the field of education, lawmaking, information exchange, establishment of business contacts in Europe and Russia.

Vitalii Kovalev, the president of the Association, gave his comments: “Our organizations solve different problems, as the markets are currently passing different stages of evolution.

– IBIA is mainly engaged in lobby activity in EC, and, important to mention, successfully protects the interests of the industry.

We are doing the similar job, but the civilized lobbyism in Russia doesn’t bring quick and obvious results especially in such a narrow market, as the bunker industry. Hopefully, the experience of the foreign colleagues will be helpful for us. At the present moment we are striving to provide the equal terms for all the players from different regions of the Russian Federation.

Insitutes of self-regulated organizations, like our Association, fulfil this function In developed countries.

The relevant law in Russia hasn’t come into force yet. However, until the law is issued, we are working out an ethical law code of civilized bunker company, which as per our information all the members of the Association are ready to sign. There are similar precedents in the world practice.

There are some striking experiences of the ports, which didn’t have a positive reputation in their past, but thanks to the common efforts of state bodies and commercial companies succeeded to improve the quality of the services, safety facilities and other services, what benefited port business generally.

Eventually, this fact leads to great number of positive consequences and enhance living standard in the port cities. Our intention is to study and use this experience, and we hope for assistance of the World Community”.

Ian Adams, the Secretary general of IBIA, claimed: “It is a great pleasure to witness another group of Bunker Professionals organizing a local association. It is an even greater pleasure that there is such an interest in having a close tie with the International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA).

IBIA currently has 17 Russian Members and we look forward to welcoming more as a result of close relations with the Association of Marine & River Bunker Suppliers. Our industry is a truly global one. However, we at IBIA also recognise the value of local knowledge, especially when dealing with local issues. That is why I believe by working together we can achieve the best possible results for our industry”.

For the information:

IBIA was founded in 1992 and currently has about 500 members from 65 countries of the world. It has branches in Singapore in the South Africa.

Details on www.ibia.net

Association of marine and river Bunker suppliers was founded in July 2005, Saint-Petersburg. It comprised 23 member-companies, representing all the shipping regions of Russian Federation.



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