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news ico04.02.2021

XIV All-Russian Forum «Current state and Prospects of Development of the Russian bunkering Services Market»

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news ico24.04.2020

Vladimir Sergeev, Chairman of the Council of the Russian Association of Marine and River Bunker Suppliers, joined the Operational Headquarters of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation for supporting the Russian fleet during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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news ico03.05.2020

The Russian Government approved the working group on the implementation of the mechanism of the "regulatory guillotine" for transport security

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news ico14.11.2019

Neftegaz Morservice company joined the Russian Association of Marine and River Bunker Suppliers

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NEWS ARCHIVE - 14.04.2006

A letter to Ustinov V.V., the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation

In spite of the official explanations that the Federal Transport Oversight Agency (FTOA) currently is the only governmental body to control sea port hydratechnic structures (the letter №MC-41/664 from 09.11.2005), the requirement of other agencies (including the Federal Environment Oversight Agency in the North-Western federal region) concerning the elaboration of a safety declaration for the berth facilities is illegal, Prosecutor’s office in Saint-Petersburg after the revision held in one of the companies – member of the Association passed a recommendation (№23-63-824-05 from 29.12.2005) to prevent the breaking of the law about the hydratechnic structures, including the obligation to make a safety declaration of a berth. 

Therefore the Association sent an official request to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, Ustinov V.V. asking to explain:

  1. a)what Ministry or governmental agency controls the hydratechnic structures (berths), the part of the petroleum products transshipment complexes;
  2. b)the necessity to get the license issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources for the exploitation of the hydratechnic structures (berth);
  3. c)the necessity to work out the safety declaration of hydratechnic structures (berths),
  4. d)the lawfulness of the information letter of the Federal Environment Oversight Agency in the North-Western federal region with regard to the safety declaration of hydratechnic structure (berth). 

In conclusion the Association kindly asks to annihilate the recommendation №23-63-824-05 from 29.12.2005 issued by the Prosecutor’s office in Saint-Petersburg. 



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